About Extreme Spray Booth

Terry Young, founder of Extreme Spray Booths, has 20 years experience in the field of automotive finishing.

All of us at Extreme Spray Booths feel great confidence that any booth we fabricate, install, ship out or repair, our clients can share satisfaction in a job well done. We have successfully made our Turn-key Spray Booths into principal developments.


Extreme Spray Booth


Additional Features:

  1. 1.Custom sized openings for conveyor systems
  2. 2.Extensions to increase working height or depth
  3. 3.Added heat and air makeup
  4. 4.Lighting and specified electrical control upgrades
  5. 5.MCrating and special shipping arrangements
  6. 6.Fire suppression system installation
  7. 7.Permitting service

Extreme Spray Booth