Automotive Spray Booths

The line of Automotive Spray booths that Extreme Spray Booths has to offer is always fabricated in compliance with the national Fire Protection Association, OSHA, and National Electric Codes. The most commonly used Front Air Flow Spray booth models are built on a regular basis at the Extreme Spray Booths shop. They are efficient and economic and easy to assemble. Variable features are available to every standard model. Drive through doors, bridge tower exhaust plenums, extra lighting, observation windows and paint-mixing rooms with vestibule are some typical examples.

spray booth

spray booths

automotive spray booth

automotive spray booths

car spray booth

car spray booths

Down Draft / Automotive

Whether you are looking for a true Down Draft with an excavated floor pit
exhaust, or a Side or Semi Down Draft that allows for airflow to enter the
booth from the ceiling and exit out an exhaust plenum in either the back
wall or the lower interior sides of the Spray booth, Extreme Spray Booths
will build your preferred Down Draft system. We can apply the various Down Draft models to any existing Industrial, Automotive or truck.
custom spray booth

custom spray booths

drive through spray booth

drive through spray booths


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